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Infranor Group

Infranor Holding S.A.

The Infranor Group concentrates on the automated execution of mechanical tasks. The main characteristic of the automated movement systems it designs, manufactures and sells is to drive and then control the multiple, precise, rapid and - often - synchronized movements which production machines, autonomous installations and equipment must perform in industrial production and in the process industry.

Infranor specializes in intelligent mechatronics: the original products it manufactures (servomotors, speed reducers free from backlash, amplifiers, power regulators and numerical controls) are linked to professional software to which the group’s engineers bring their wide-ranging knowledge garnered from expertise in several professions.

The operational units linked directly or indirectly to the Infranor Group total 12, of which 8 are sales and engineering units (in Europe, in the United States and in China) and 4 production units in Europe and in China.

The group is made up exclusively of small operational units that are flexible, well-established locally and able to adapt in the shortest possible time.

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