Füll Process S.A.

The automation of processes used in obtaining chemical and pharmaceutical products forms Füll Group's core activity. It comprises four legal entites in Switzerland (one holding and one operating company) and Germany (two operating companies).

The Füll Group is pursuing ambitious goals based on a conclusive strategy with a clear vision. It is globally active as a dispensing and automation expert for a wide range of liquids and powders. The group is growing organically, as well as by acquisitions.

The companies of the group develop machinery and services, which represent Dispensing and Quality Insurance Processes from laboratory to production for customers all over the world.

The group supplies industries with dispensing systems, software solutions, and other products for active paint and varnishes, scents and aromas, fine chemicals, printig and packaging inks, glued and sealants, and solvents and binders.

Over the next three years the Füll Group aims to become one of the three main players in the dispensing sector in its main markets for paints, inks, adhesives, sealants, as well as in new applications in cosmetics and flavourings in Europe.

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Füll Systembau GmbH

The German company, established in Idstein, is responsible fort the developement and the production of gravimetric and volumetric dispensing systems, as well as agitators and other equipment, for costumer specific process automation. 

With more than 50 years of experience, it is known for its high degree of quality, reliability and flexibility, Füll Systembau GmbH is a leading provider of in the areas of printing and packaging inks, paints and varnishes, cosmetics, chemicals, adhesives and sealants.

With ist core products (valves and control software), Füll Systembau GmbH offers an unrivalled range of of technical expertise in the fields of mechanical, electrical and electronical engineering, so as to meet the requirements of its customers in the above-mentionned fields.

On the one side,Füll Systembau GmbH remains a leader and maintains a cutting edge by regularly renewing its range of niche products and services. On the other side, it regularly expands its range of service to include new applications (pre-production units, integrated within the production workflow, for example).Moreover its continues to find new customers that are active in the new sectors (paints, fine chemicals, biology, etc.)

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Tecos Bruhin AG

Tecos Bruhin AG specializes on development and manufacturing of gravimetric dispensing systems for pasty products and engineering services for industrial dispensing and automation applications.

Tecos dispensing systems stands out for their out of the norm performance and simple operation. It set itself high standards in innovation and sustainability.

Considering their very similar clientele and presence in complementary segments, Füll Systembau GmbH and Tecos Bruhin AG are notably planning above all to expand their commercial network (taking in Eastern Europe and North America). In addition this should increase their potential to develop original and exclusive equipment and to use their know-how to design both modular and standard systems.

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Füll Lab Automation GmbH

On 1 March, 2021, the Füll Group acquired the business and personnel of the Lab Systems-EAS unit from Syntegon Technology GmbH (Germany), formerly Bosch Packaging Technology. The company Füll Lab Automation GmbH, created for the purpose of overtaking this business in the laboratory and quality control sector, has been integrated into the Füll business area.

The company develops and distributes innovative automation solutions for high-throughput research and development as well as quality control of liquids, powders and viscous materials.

In addition to standard to standard modules, customized solutions are also developed. The systems are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, including paints and lacquers, cosmetics, chemicals, adhesives and sealants, as well as crop protection. The patented « BLS-seringe » is the basis for highly flexible automation solutions.

In addition, Füll Lab Automation GmbH products open up the possibility for new applications in the pharmaceutical as well as in the chemical sectors. The German company is able to offer automation solutions for liquids, viscose products, powders as well as adhesives.

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