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Nicolas Eichenberger - Chairman of Perrot Duval Holding

Nicolas Eichenberger (1958)

From Geneva and Trub residing in Mies (CH), Board member since 1993, Executive Chairman since 2008. He is a graduate in law and holds a university degree in chemistry. He held a senior management position at Sapal in Lausanne from 1987 to 1989. Since 1989 he works for the Perrot Duval Group. He is also member of the Board of Directors of unlisted companies.

Luca Bozzo (1979)

From Cologny residing in Vandoeuvres (CH), administrator since the first May 2014. Attorney at the Geneva Bar since 2007, he specializes in M&A projects in the Cabinet Borel & Barbey. He has, moreover, functions of administrators in several unlisted companies.

Yves Claude Aubert (1963)

From Le Chenit, residing in Echandens (CH), first elected since 23 September 2021. He is a trained financial analyst and asset manager. After having worked for 25 years at Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, in Switzerland and abroad, specializing in new business development and strategic projects, he has been a director of various companies active in the financial and industrial sectors since 2008, providing them with the benefit of his competence in strategy, governance and corporate management.

Group management

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Cornel Bruhin (1969)

From Schübelbach, residing in Weinfelden (CH). He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and a postgraduate degree in business management. After 20 years of experience as a project manager for mergers and acquisitions in international companies and as a managing director, he started his own company (Tecos Bruhin AG) in order to fulfill his aspirations as an entrepreneur and business developer. In 2016, Perrot Duval acquired Tecos Bruhin AG. He became CEO of the Füll Process division. On 1 May 2021, he took over the position of COO of the Perrot Duval Group and from 1 May 2022, he was elected CEO. He is not member of any other Board of Directors outside of the Perrot Duval Group.

Remuneration Committee :
Luca Bozzo (Presentation under Board of Directors)
Yves Claude Aubert (Presentation under Board of directors)

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