Our vision

The corporate purpose of Perrot Duval Holding S.A. is to invest in financial, industrial or commercial companies.

Perrot Duval Holding S.A. pursues its social goal by directing its investments towards the creation and acquisition of small or medium-sized companies whose core business lies in advanced technologies and, subsequently, towards the sale of these companies.

Perrot Duval Holding S.A. sets up groups of companies with complementary activities composed of specialised industrial and commercial units, sets their objectives and determines the path to follow. It ensures the development of each entity by providing support and advice in financial and management matters. It thus pursues the achievement of their own corporate objectives.

Perrot Duval Holding S.A.
intends to build a solid, dynamic and profitable group :
- active in future oriented market niches
- based on organic growth and acquisitions
- led by a long term oriented professional management, and
- in full respect of the interests of its shareholders.